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Custom Learning Management Solutions and Courseware for the Government & Military

EXSell’s custom learning management systems and courseware provide customers in the government and military sector with an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver on-demand knowledge, key information and policy updates, collaboration, and leadership development at any time, regardless of location or connection to a network. EXSell understands the training-related challenges facing government agencies today including:

  • The need to produce increased metrics and performance reporting
  • The need to produce increased, in-depth training to a geographically dispersed workforce
  • The need to train employees as new IT systems become available
  • The need to replace untracked, legacy learning management systems that are reaching their point of obsolescence
  • The need to perform all of the above-referenced tasks at less cost and with greater efficiency that in the past

EXSell offers a broad range of products, learning consulting services, and human capital consulting services to cater specifically to government agencies. From developing virtual mentoring programs, to performing training needs assessments and producing skills inventories, to deliver multiple blended learning curriculums, EXSell partners with government agencies for superior results.

If you would like to talk with us about how EXSell can strengthen your workforce through our patented products and services, please call us at 888-977-1628 and ask to speak to one of our Client Executives, or use our online contact form to have us contact you.

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