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24 to the Floor© Originations Curriculum

EXSell has an area of specialization in the lending industry. The EXSell Mortgage and Lending Edition is a solution created to meet the standards set down by the Attorneys General In the recent Ameriquest Multi-State Agreement. This particular module was developed with direction from the legal team to not only educate but to maintain an accurate profile of each loan officer. The result is a system that is designed from the ground up to be ethics-oriented and create a paper trail on each loan officer that shows best efforts to teach and maintain ethical selling skills. With its advanced Training, Tracking and Mystery Caller modules, EXSell is the most complete system for the Lending Industry.

Years of experience in developing solutions for lenders enables EXSell to offer their custom, compliant 24 to the Floor© Mortgage Sales and Servicing Curriculum. This curriculum consists of 2 separate learning paths—one for loan originations, and the other for collections. Both are developed based on the philosophy that loan originators and collectors alike should be able to be trained, compliant, and ready to perform their jobs within 24 hours of starting with a new company.

24 to the Floor© Originations Courseware Catalog

  1. Your New Company (customized for your organization
  2. Your New Career (customized to reflect your organization’s compensation and benefits)
  3. Ethics in the Workplace
  4. Lending Regulations
  5. Understanding Credit
  6. Understanding Income
  7. Understanding Property
  8. Understanding Privacy and Information Security
  9. The Basic Application Process
  10. Lead Management System Overview (customized to your organization)
  11. Relationship Building
  12.  Refinance Product Overview
  13.  Outbound Selling Skills
  14. Inbound Selling Skills
  15. Developing Loan Proposals
  16.  The Loan Closing Process for Refinance Loans
  17.  Information Security Policies and Practices
  18.  Home Purchase Market and Product Overview
  19.  The Loan Closing Process for Home Purchase Loans
  20.  Key Players in a Home Purchase Transaction

Fund Your Solution Through Tax Credits and Grants

EXSell Can even get your company government assistance to retrain your staff in the form of grants and tax credits, in some cases your entire training efforts can be of no impact to your bottom line.

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