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24 to the Floor© Collections Curriculum
EXSell offers targeted training interventions specific to the needs of today’s lending industry. EXSell understands that with originations at record lows, collecting on loans to maintain the existing portfolio is the most important thing lenders who service loans can do. EXSell also realizes the staffing challenges servicers face when having to retrain Loan Servicing Personnel to perform as Collections Experts working in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Regulation AB. To assist with this, EXSell has developed our 24 to the Floor© training curriculum that is designed to teach loan servicing associates how to perform best practice collection and loss mitigation techniques including work outs and refi options customized to your changing P&P. All this with a 24 hour training turn around and a 100% retaining-based learning system. Combined with EXSell’s eRoleplay mystery shopper application and LMS X’s mandatory essays of understanding, lenders who service loans can be assured that their assets will remain on their platform and keep performing.

24 to the Floor© Loan Servicing Courseware Catalog

  1. Collections Department Overview (customized by organization)
  2. The Effective Collection Call
  3. Loan Servicing System Overview (customized by organization)
  4. Loan Servicing System for Collectors
  5. Speaking Skills
  6. Listening Skills
  7. Questioning Skills
  8. Negotiating Skills
  9. Interpersonal Skills
  10.  Home Retention Options
  11. Loan Modification Options
  12.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  13. Privacy Law Overview
  14.  Regulation AB Overview
  15.  RESPA and TILA for Collectors


Fund Your Solution Using Tax Credits and Grants

EXSell Can even get your company government assistance to retrain your staff in the form of grants and tax credits, in some cases your entire training efforts can be of no impact to your bottom line.


Once the market picks up and lenders are ready to originate again, EXSell can support your ramp-up with our Mortgage Skills 101© up-to-date origination training for you to make your organization’s new loan officers quickly profitable and working in accordance with your new lending guidelines. EXSell’s learning solutions help to turn large workforces on a dime and remain highly competitive in the most challenging markets.

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