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24 to the Floor© Originations Curriculum

EXSell understands that commercial real estate lending is a complex task, and the training of new commercial real estate lenders is no easy undertaking. Because it is Intense, analytical, costly, and timeline-driven, commercial real estate underwriting is not learned quickly, and absolutely cannot be learned by trial and error. That is where the 24 to the Floor© Commercial Real Estate Edition comes in. Designed with the theory that learners do best in their career paths when set up for perpetual learning of core job tasks, the 24 to the Floor Commercial Real Estate Edition is designed to serve as an intensive training and reference guide for new commercial loan officers to use as often as needed. Because commercial loan officers often work on a loan for weeks or months before moving on, they need to continually refresh their analytical and underwriting skills, which is accomplished through the 24 to the Floor© Commercial Real Estate Edition.

24 to the Floor© Commercial Real Estate Courseware Catalog

  1. Company/Division Overview (customized by organization)
  2. The Life Cycle of a Commercial Loan
  3. Starting Up a Loan: Loan Package Review and Preliminary Documentation
  4. Real Estate Developer Financial Analysis
  5. Market and Comparable Analysis
  6. Conducting Effective Site Inspections
  7. Analyzing Third Party Reports
  8. Underwriting Commercial Loans
  9. Creating a Lender Loan Package
  10.  Commercial Loan Documents
  11. Conducting Lease Reviews
  12.  Corporation and Tenant Financial Analysis
  13.  Construction Risk Assessment
  14.  The Loan Closing Process
  15. Post-Closing Asset Management


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