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Custom Learning Management Solutions and Courseware for the Retail & Consumer Products Industry

EXSell’s custom learning management systems and courseware provide customers in the highly competitive retail and consumer products industry with strategic, measurable ways to drive revenue, disseminate product information, and increase customer satisfaction in a minimal amount of time using EXSell’s 24 to the Floor© courseware development methodology.  Simply put, EXSell believes that new employees working in the retail and consumer products space need only up to 24 hours of focused training in order to learn core job functions and become immediately productive.

EXSell’s LMS X.5 provides clients in the retail and consumer products industry with a technological backbone from which to manage and measure organizational performance with just a few clicks of a mouse.  EXSell’s online courses, employing patented “Read it, See it, Hear it = Learn It” courseware development methodology has been used to deliver new hire training to customer-facing staff in hours not weeks, decreasing the learning curve and transferring key product knowledge more efficiently than the competition.

EXSell’s LMS X.5, when deployed along with EXSell’s eRoleplay 2.0 mystery caller application, provides an ingenious way to assess the competency levels of customer-facing employees.  After completing a custom learning path based on their roles in LMS X.5, learners are then assigned an authentic customer simulation performed by a trained coach without their knowledge based on competencies taught in the learning path.  Once the simulation is complete, the coach completes a detailed evaluation in LMS X.5, sends the evaluation directly to the employee’s manager, and LMS X.5 automatically assigns any needed refresher training.  In this way, EXSell’s solutions guarantee instant knowledge transfer, instant evaluation & feedback, and instant results.

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