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LMS X.5™

In today's knowledge economy, recruiting and retaining talented employees is rapidly becoming one of the most important functions of any successful company. Delivering performance enhancing tools to employees such as EXSell's LMS X.5 helps them to define and uphold an organization's goals, establishing a workforce that is confident and well trained in necessary company core competencies. When employees are well trained and knowledgeable, the bottom line is ultimately (and positively) transformed.

LMS X.5 is EXSell's highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use integrated Learning Management System. Features include:

  • Integrated courseware and registration system
  • Intensive online learning tracking and measurement
  • Integrated ad-hoc reporting
  • Integrated certification management
  • Integrated assessment and evaluation tool
  • Performance appraisals
  • Incognito 2.0 eRoleplay, a cutting-edge learning assessment and sales simulation tool.
  • Custom content and branding
  • Collaboration and distance learning tools
  • Fully compatible with HRIS systems
  • Fully compatible with SQL-based production systems
  • Virtual classroom compatible
  • MS Outlook integrated
  • SCORM/AICC/ISO 2001 compliant
  • Content management tools
  • 30-day deployment guarantee

How you benefit:

  • Product rollouts are matched with sound training strategies to sales force, strategic partners and customers, improving the time-to-market
  • Your brand is represented in part by your customer-facing employees, ensure that these employees are delivering the best service quality through proficiency in the latest product and service offerings
  • Save time and money through one system that covers all the bases of, business, training and management in an interactive blended learning model
  • System can be up an running in weeks not months
  • A workforce of thousands can be managed by just one administrative resource
  • Maintain regulatory compliancy through ethics-oriented training that tracks and reports on compliancy and ethical selling practices
  • Gain from using the industry standard in assessing and reassessing performance with self-building curriculum creating a perpetual learning environment

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