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eRoleplay 2.0

EXSell's eRoleplay 2.0 is a cutting-edge learning assessment and sales simulation tool tied to a remote call center and integrated with LMS X. This patented application provides a standard, measurable way to tie training to performance. eRoleplay truly tests learning retention by tying performance to actual interactions with a customer (played by trained coach) to test the retention of recently completed learning. The coach then works in the eRoleplay system to create a detailed evaluation that is automatically fed back through LMS X to management. No other learning system in the industry possesses this proprietary feature.

Mystery callers are coaches trained according to your organization's curriculum that pretend to be customers seeking products. They work from custom profiles created to represent a sampling of your customers, so your sales people don't know they are being tested. Unlike other systems that claim to accurately test your sales force, the eRoleplay team doesn't call the learner, the learners calls them like they would any customer. eRoleplay can be configured as an "analog" (featuring face-to-face interactions and follow-up assessment or "digital" (fully technology-driven interaction) learning event.

eRoleplay is an ideal solution for any organization that is rated or examined by an external agency or is tasked with keeping employees compliant with one or more policies.

How you benefit:

  • No other system tests your employees as thoroughly using real life scenarios
  • Test results activate an automatic recalibration of an employee's learning path within LMS X to reassign courses that fill in gaps of knowledge ensuring optimal knowledge retention and learning (coming in 2008 with the Infinity Perpetual Learning System)
  • Management is given a thorough report card of performance which can be used to play a more active role in employee development

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