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24 to the Floor© Courseware

Have you ever wondered why new hire training needs to take a month to accomplish? If so, you're not alone. EXSell's combined years of experience indicates that most new hires who are line workers need on average only 24 hours of information in order to get started with their new careers, and our 24 to the Floor© customizable curriculums prove it. Using a few pieces of standard organizational documentation, EXSell can create a 24 to the Floor curriculum for some of your most critical positions in sales and support, so you can put your people where you need them most—with your customers. Our constant and continuous commitment to quality has earned us key quality certifications including SCORM, AICC, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001:2005 (information security standard).

EXSell currently has readily customizable curriculum for mortgage lending, commercial real estate, collections, and more. All courseware is SCORM, AICC, and ISO 2001 compliant. Contact EXSell today for more information.

How you benefit:

  • You can be assured that all new hires receive the same consistent training and messaging. They can "become" your brand almost instantly upon entering your company.
  • When installed on LMS X, this curriculum can act as a powerful assessment tool, enabling you to make key decisions with your new hires at an appropriate time in the employee lifecycle.
  • Your organization will not incur the excessive overhead that comes standard with in-class training including time lost away from the job, print-based materials production cost, travel, meals, and additional expenses.

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