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LEARN® Desktop Learning System

Many organizations don't integrate training into the workflow not because it isn't important to do so, but because it is difficult to effectively do so. EXSell's LEARN (Learn, Evaluate, Apply, Reinforce, Navigate Back) Desktop Learning System changes all that. Coming in 2008, EXSell is going to integrate its Infinity Perpetual Learning System® with the LEARN Desktop Learning System. LEARN is a non-intrusive desktop application that drives educational and training content directly to the employees' desktop for one-click access to enterprise communication and training. The end result will truly be "training at your fingertips" in which all learning requirements will be pushed directly to employees via a desktop widget. No more navigating through a cumbersome course catalog on an LMS.

No more second-guessing the learning path that will take you to the next level. With the LEARN Desktop Learning System, employees will be able to chart a development course with their manager and let the system do the rest.

How you benefit:

  • Targeted training needs are delivered daily (or as needed) directly to the employee's desktop
  • Training and core knowledge is made readily accessible on an employee's desktop, thus reducing procedural errors and increasing employee satisfaction
  • Employees are continually empowered to advance in their roles

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