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Live Leads

EXSell’s Live Leads lead & contact management system automates the entire lead processing function, from lead capture, analysis and assignment, through to "closed loop" contact management and detailed status / trend reports. Each Live Leads application is custom configured from our library of over 100 lead management functions. Our semi-custom approach not only ensures your system functions according to your lead management process, but also dramatically reduces both the development and the "total cost of ownership". Live Leads is a centralized, secure, network-based solution.
Integrated pipeline management tools come standard with Live Leads, including:

  • Individual Status Reporting – Status reports allow you to drill down on an individual account representative’s performance, view accounts in the pipeline, and learn of the status of those accounts.
  • Team Results Reporting – Team results reports allow you to analyze the results of a particular team or business unit for improved resource management.
  • Marketing Reporting - All leads entering the system are tagged with a marketing source. This gives you the ability to run reports on specific marketing campaigns, see all the leads from that campaign, where they are in the sales process, and calculate the close results.

Integration with LMS X.5

Live Leads has been developed so that it can be readily integrated with LMS X.5 and eRoleplay 2.0. The way this works is as follows:

  • First, learners take courseware located in LMS X.5.
  • Next, learners are signed up to participate in an eRoleplay covert learning assessment without their knowledge.
  • Next, the individual performing the covert learning assessment sends a fictitious customer lead directly to the specified learner via Live Leads.
  • After the assessment is completed, the assessor will complete a detailed evaluation for the learner and save it to the eRoleplay 2.0 module in LMS X.5.

Integration with LMS X.5 and eRoleplay allows organizations to achieve true performance measurement and management simultaneously.  Clients can train employees then assess their actual on-the-job performance while comparing it to the objectives taught in training.

Click here to learn more about eRoleplay 2.0.

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