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Incognito Face to Face 2.0: Covert Screening and Assessment

Your employee is about to provide information to a client that may or may not be the correct information; how can you assure that it is? 

EXSell’s Incognito Face to Face 2.0 is a covert screening tool used by training, sales, human resources, operations and compliancy departments.  At the core is a patent pending application that automatically schedules unannounced customer (played by trained coaches) visits based on your performance standards.  The customer/coach tests, evaluates and submits a detailed evaluation that is sent directly to the employee’s manager, Learning Management and/or Human Resource System.  Additional training can then be prescribed and tested again through Incognito Face to Face 2.0.  If necessary, non-compliant employees can be automatically de-certified or locked out of key systems.  Whether launched as a standalone initiative or as part of a larger learning and development strategy Incognito is ideal for customer service, government agencies, retail, healthcare, insurance, banking and lending; any organization that must be compliant or is examined by an external agency.

Incognito Features

  • Administrators can use any Windows or Apple computer to administer the program so long as Adobe Flash is installed (versions 5.0 to 9.0). 
  • Runs on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Evaluators can complete assessments using tablet PCs, any Windows Mobile Device, laptops, tablet PCs, and portable PCs.
  • Coming soon to the iPhone, iTouch, and Treo.
  • Covert screening signup can occur automatically through Incognito’s Queue Generation feature, or manually if an evaluator wishes to create an assessment from scratch.
  • Covert screening scenarios are created based on your input about actual customer interactions.
  • Results can be automatically sent to the employee’s manager, human resources department, compliance department, or other.
  • Incognito can be run in an organization of thousands by just one administrative resource, with no coding skills required.
  • Evaluation questions can be true or false, open-ended, multiple choice, scaled, or other depending on your evaluation needs.
  • Incognito covert screening tool can be integrated with human resource information systems, customer relationship management systems, lead management systems, security systems, procurement systems, EXSell’s LMS X.5 Learning Management System, and more.

Incognito Face to Face 2.0. Unlock the power of covert screening in your organization.

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