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Succession and Workforce Planning

EXSell’s Succession and Workforce Planning Needs Assessment takes an innovative and comprehensive approach to succession and workforce planning. This assessment can be very effective in assessing an organization's current level of risk associated with their people, including mitigating risk resulting from impending mass retirement, ensuring regulatory compliance across an organization, and more. EXSell uses their structured Succession and Workforce Planning  Assessment Methodology to investigate, diagnose, and recommend solutions for mitigating risk associated with current investments in human capital. The end result is a detailed road map from which to begin making necessary changes to an organization to ensure compliance, knowledge transfer, and continued growth.

How you benefit:

  • Your organization will be able to understand the overall organizational impact of their key technology investments and how those investments collectively affect the bottom line
  • Your organization will have valuable information from which to make key budgetary decisions
  • Your organization will be able to understand the current level of compliance within the organization and act accordingly
  • Your organization will have clear cut analysis related to knowledge pockets, gaps, and risks associated with current human capital investments

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