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Learning Path Development

EXSell is aware that many training departments focus solely on a "quick hit," or reactive, training approach. While these types of events often tend to cause a quick spike in morale, the long-term result is a series of disjointed events that overall have little impact on the bottom line. EXSell's learning path definition consulting services help organizations to define the critical paths to profitability and create measurable learning strategies to address these paths for the complete life cycle of employees within the system. By using EXSell's proven Learning Path Methodology, organizations will no longer waste valuable training dollars and ensure that each training event regardless of delivery mechanism fits in with an organization's overall message and strategy.

How you benefit:

  • Training will no longer promote silos within the organization
  • Detailed talent and training architecture will allow for agile workforce management
  • Employees within a learning path will have a clear career path to pursue
  • Managers will have access to clear cut proficiency data and be able to manage their departments accordingly

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