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Call Monitoring Services

EXSell offers complete Call Monitoring Services for organizations who wish to remain informed of the performance of their customer-facing employees yet lack the resources necessary to support an in-house call monitoring department. EXSell's learning and development expertise allows us to take the monitoring of employee calls a step further by building it into a valuable feedback and development process that is tied into the overall learning path for an employee. EXSell utilizes our proprietary eRoleplay software to define an authentic, measurable, cost-effective call monitoring solution for multiple organizations. EXSell also works with organizations who wish to establish their own call monitoring and/or human performance departments and implement eRoleplay software to add this critical function to their organization.

How you benefit:

  • Your organization will have accurate performance and compliance data to provide to external rating agencies
  • Managers will be able to pinpoint performance gaps and address potential issues before they become performance problems
  • Business leaders will receive accurate data related to production and training investments

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