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Courseware Development

Custom Courseware Services:

In today's world, neither learners nor tutorials are confined within the walls of a classroom. The computer and the Web have liberated both the teacher and the learner. They meet transcending the limitations of time, space and individual differences. In the fast-moving progressive world today, CBT and WBT score highly above the other traditional methods of teaching. They have an edge as they maximize enterprise-wide alignment and productivity, while minimizing costs and redundancy.

EXSell Training Solutions works with you as your e-learning partner to design the courses to make learning more convenient and effortless while retaining the focus on dynamism and innovations. Some of the key aspects of our custom content development services are as follows:

Robust Process

EXSell Training Solutions follows robust yet flexible process which is best depicted with help of following diagram:
Content Development Process
Diverse & Extensive Experience
EXSell Training Solutions has done over 1000+ e-learning projects on diverse topics, such as:


  • Products & Processes
  • Technology
  • Compliance & Legal
  • Soft Skills
  • Application Training
  • Induction Programs

Tools & Technology Support
One of the key USP's of EXSell Training Solutions is its deep understanding of technology which delivers e-learning courses to the learners, which translates into whole lot of advantages for our customers:


  • EXSell Training Solutions owns the responsibility to make courses run on your chosen platform, thus avoiding you the hassle of shuttling between LMS and content providers to make the content run
  • EXSell Training Solutions can help you extract maximum benefit from an LMS by implementing a learning strategy that is supported by the LMS. For example, if an LMS supports branching feature of SCORM 2004, then we can study its implementation in the LMS and program the course accordingly.
  • EXSell Training Solutions team has extensive experience of working on range of tools, such as, Adobe Flash, 3D Max, Articulate, Captivate, Firefly, Lectora etc., which gives it the flexibility to deploy the right set of tools depending upon course requirements, and timelines.


Mobile Learning:

With everyone and everything going mobile, why not learning too? It is the natural progression of technology, need and logic. An exciting use of technology to enhance the learning experience!

m-Learning, or mobile learning, is not a surprise in this super tech era. It is actually e-Learning through hand-held computational devices. These devices easily transform into tools for accessing courses through online content delivery systems, or from offline LMS stored locally in the sets.

m-Learning is ideally meant for those who are always on the move, tech-savvy, know what they want and don’t want to stop! m-Learning is a revolutionary idea to widen the access to learning, which aims at not only reducing social exclusion but accelerating enhancement of workforce and encouraging healthy competition too. m-Learning can be accomplished on PDAs or smartphones and other similarly-enabled mobile devices. They can support various languages, graphics, animations and are better-equipped to manage data on the move.

m-Learning is a useful and highly effective tool for:


  • Sales executives, who are always on the move (field trips) and miss the latest updates in the organization and industry, any group which is scattered and has different availability hours.
  • Target customers who can be reached through awareness programs and advertorials. Promotional and awareness campaigns get an impetus.
  • Museum/gallery visitors who can gain knowledge through handheld devices.
  • Workforce which doesn't have regular access to computers.


Content Conversion:
Your content and knowledge repositories are critical to your organization's success. However, that content may not always be available in easily accessible formats, or it may be available in formats that are no longer compatible with your new IT systems or compliances. Such issues limit the reach of the knowledge you have gathered over period of time, which in turn adversely impacts your employees work efficiency levels and your organizations growth prospects.

At EXSell Training Slutions , we offer you various services to help you keep your content up to date and in-sync with latest technologies.
ntent Standardization
Compliance to standards ensures that your content can work seamlessly with different IT systems in place in your organization. EXSell Training Slutions can assist you in -


  • Making e-learning courses conformant to SCORM 1.2/2004, or AICC (API/HACP Level 1-3) standards
  • Making question bank conformant to QTI standard
  • Making content compatible to Section 508 standard

Content Localization
Content localization helps to convey your message much more effectively to your global audience. EXSell Training Slutions can assist you in -


  • Converting your content in foreign languages, such as French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, Hindi etc. from native language experts
  • Getting voice-overs recorded in foreign languages from native voice talents
  • Reviewing your existing multi-lingual content for language accuracy

Legacy Content Conversion
Keeping your content updated to latest formats can help you retain valuable information which can then be shared across your latest IT systems. EXSell Training Slutions can assist you in -


  • Converting content available in diverse formats, such as, documents, PDF, PPT, Videos etc. in SCORM/AICC compliant elearning courses
  • Upgrading content using newer version of tools or technologies, e.g. converting content created in Director to Flash, or from Tool Book to Articulate etc.


Blended Learning:

Traditional learning methods are quiet expensive and e-learning sometimes proves to be ineffective, so the solution is Blended Learning as it effectively solves both these problems. In fact, Blended Learning is the natural evolution of e-learning and traditional learning providing an integrated program of multiple media types, which has proven highly successful in corporate training.


EXSell Training Solutions' services in instructor lead training sphere includes design and/or delivery of trainings, either in person or via our Partnership with Adobe connect, webex or the virtual classroom provider of your choice.

We can assist you in developing the following components for your instructor lead training programs:


  • Instrutor Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • Instructor Presentation
  • Lab Manuals, Field Work Guides
  • Certification Exams
  • Job Aids
  • Videos, Supporting Multimedia Content

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Soft Skill Trainings
  • Product / Process Trainings
  • Induction Programs
  • IT Courses
  • Application Trainings


How you benefit:

  • Organizations with little to no training department can still offer a thorough, measurable, consistent training program
  • Organizations with existing training departments will receive high-quality tools to use to train employees

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