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Focused services for your Succession Planning needs

Why we are different

"World class training." It isn't about hanging a PowerPoint presentation onto a learning management system. It's also not about hiring a massive training department to produce feel-good yet low-impact learning events. EXSell realizes that in order for training to be successful it needs to tie directly to the bottom line and the goals of the organization.

Companies who have invested millions into this old model of training are now experiencing firsthand the organizational impacts of these investments in the form of high overhead, high turnover, low commitment, compliance issues, and sluggish workflow.

EXSell's Human Capital Solutions correct these redundancies and organizational inefficiencies through targeted analysis and solutions designed to easily integrate with human resource information systems, production systems, and lead management systems, transforming the training function from binders on a shelf (Said one executive, "They make a good doorstop.") to a strategic business function.

EXSell believes that the components of a sustainable corporate learning environment must include:

  • Technology-enabled eLearning solutions
    • Ability to continually assess and reassess curriculum competency
    • Automatically change course materials based on level of curriculum competency, creating new learning paths customized for each employee
    • Fully interactive learning strategies; "read it, hear it, see it = learn it"
    • Web-based, high-end on demand learning; no more "training by the pound;" enormous binders that, according to one senior executive, "make good doorstops after training."
  • Decreased procedural errors
    • Decrease simple operational errors such as ineffective time card administration
    • Train line workers on basic procedures using a clear, concise 24 to the Floor© training approach
  • Promote organization cultural and improve morale
    • Tie system into compensation and bonus structure
    • Follow risk assessment procedures that identify the successes and the challenges within the organization while ensuring compliance and continued growth
  • Improve corporate ethics
    • Methodically assess each customer-facing employee via double-blind assessment techniques
    • Increase awareness of and performance according to compliance
  • Increase Profitability
    • Investigate, diagnose, and recommend solutions for mitigating risk associated with current investments in human capital
    • Benchmarking practices for business strategies that align with human capital
    • Define the critical individual learning paths for profitability and create measurable learning strategies
  • Install training and development systems in weeks not months

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