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Management Team:

Jamie Allen - President


As a leader and innovator Jamie Allen is recognized for setting new digital technology strategies and trends. His multifaceted career has allowed for a depth of experience in identifying technology solutions for hard to manage business challenges. Whether the industry is marketing, gaming or real estate/lending, Jamie has a unique ability to overcome previous work around and kluged efforts, instead delivering targeted technology solutions with clear next level business efficiencies and bottom line revenues.

Jamie started his expertise in backend Internet solutions by exploring the inner workings of website development. He and his teams advanced design techniques that created new low bandwidth marketing and interactive paradigms. Jamie spent several years leading multiple production and creative teams that developed websites for Sony, Toyota, Conexant, Boeing, and the Port of Los Angeles. He also executed a massive content management project for AM FM/Clearchannel that incorporated development of over 900 radio station websites.

Jamie took his online leadership strategies to Realtor.com where his online marketing programs helped make Realtor.com the number one real estate site in America and won him the prestigious direct marketing association Echo Award twice. Starting his own company Liquid Fusion Interactive (LFI), Jamie has provided award winning online marketing and website development for a variety of Fortune 500 clients, entertainment and gaming companies. LFI's client list includes, UPN, Carsey Warner, Midway Entertainment, UVG, GameOver.tv, Gamerang.com, Reunion.com, Mattel Interactive, Universal Vivendi Games, and Ubisoft among others.

All of his advance knowledge in web design and systems technology has been transferred to EXSell. His teams deep understanding of flash and cold fusion (truly the leading experts in the world) and his even deeper understanding of business processes have given him a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between technology and a clear return on investment, to create empowering user interfaces and bottom line enhancing strategies that enable him to tie Training and Human Capital Management to the bottom line and production and sales forecasts within any organization.

Jamie has applied for 4 technology and process patents since starting EXSell and is the innovator behind the LMSX.5, Incognito, Zero Load courseware player and EXSell's process for 24 to the floor courseware. Most recently with the launch of Infinity, the worlds first perpetual learning system, Jamie has truly raised the bar on what should be expected from a training solutions provider. In his words; "Through technology nothing is impossible...We are only limited by our ability to see the need and our own imagination to meet that need".

Jamie is a member in good standing of both the American Society for Training and Development, ASTD, and the Canadian Society for Training and Development, CSTD. He is also a licensed Mortgage Broker in the Sate of California and a member of CAMB, the California Mortgage Brokers Association. He sits on the advisory board for Platt college and helps design the curriculum for their graphic, web design and Video Game design programs as well as advising those students following a career in instructional design. He is a Mentor, a Teacher and a Volunteer and regularly donates to the fallen Fire Fighters and fallen Policeman's funds as well as the Nicole Brown Simpson foundation, PETA and Habitat for Humanity. He is an active member of MENSA and enjoys regular speaking engagements at UCI to graduating MBA students.

Jamie received his AA in Business with a minor in Marketing from Centennial College in Toronto Canada and received his BA in Communications and Radio & Television, Broadcasting at the acclaimed Ryerson University. He believes in continuing education and regularly takes classes towards his MBA at Cal State Long beach.

Richard Pattie - Director of Instructional Design

Richard has final responsibility for all courseware, including creating or delegating creation of the storyboards, compiling scripts and interfacing with audio voice artists, supervising Flash development, design consistency, quality control, and courseware uploads and testing.

Emanuel Lucban - Director of Technology

During his tenure with LFI, Emanuel was a key member of the management team reporting directly to the CEO, and President. Some past clients that were dependant on his expertise in technology include The Cheesecake Factory, Altered Visions technology, Rieches Baird, TOYOTA, Hyundia Motors and many others.


Alicia Espinoza - Sr. Business Analyst

Seasoned and experienced software development professional with extensive team leadership and project management experience. Superior business skills along with excellent communication, time management, and writing skills ensure successful project delivery. Strategic and tactical thinking compliments the strong analytical skills required to formulate solutions for the various levels of users and management. A highly motivated and result oriented professional with clear understanding of business processes and process re-engineering methods. Willing to go above-and-beyond to out-perform and over-deliver. Industry experience includes Mortgage, Entertainment, Manufacturing, and Banking.

John Herlihy - Project Manager

Background: John has extensive experience developing and deploying a wide variety of data-driven systems, particularly Oracle-driven systems for the produce and manufacturing industries. His particular areas of expertise are database architecture and integration, server-side and client side scripting and project management for large web-based deployments. His database expertise and his project management skills provide an important leader to Liquid Fusion Interactive 's development team.

Experience: John worked as the Web Implementation Project Manager for the e-commerce portal, HorsePower.com. Previous to that he worked as a Systems Analyst and Consultant for Famous Software, LLC., the maker of the leading accounting software for agri-business. John has also worked as a Systems Analyst for Apio, Inc. and was the lead Project Manager and Webmaster for Loral Space and Communications from 1994 – 1997.

Education: Graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Business Administration and a concentration in Information Systems. Received a minor in Computer Science with a Database Concentration.

Michael Herlihy - Graphical User Interface Designer and Flash Remoting

Background: Michael has extensive experience in both print and digital media development. With a strong background in marketing, he is able to combine design and function to create a web site and user interfaces that are leading edge. He also has a strong programming background in ASP, PHP, Javascript and Flash Actionscript. His skill set includes an expert-level knowledge of the following software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Director, Flash IDE, Lightwave and QuarkXpress

Experience: Michael worked as the Art Director for Data Based Marketing for five years. During that time he received two Best of Show awards at the annual Marketing Association of California conference. Previously, Michael served as a Staff Designer for Rembrandt Inc. in their marketing department.

Education: Graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.A. in Graphic Design.

Murray Williams - Developer, System Administrator

Background: Strengths include project management on complex business systems implementations. Able to improve problem-solving ability through improved interdepartmental understanding and he excels in interpersonal communication and leadership for fostering positive teamwork and interdepartmental cooperation. His particular areas of expertise include: C++, Perl, ASP, PHP, Flash Actionscript, Linux, Apache, Solaris, Unix, Windows NT and Network Administration.

Experience: Before joining the Liquid Fusion Interactive team, Murray was a Design/Production Engineer for Thermonics, Inc. During his stint at Thermonics, he worked on SGI workstations with C, C++, UNIX, Linux, Fortran, Assembly, AutoCAD and CADKey. Previously, Murray worked as a Production Engineer for International Components Technology Corporation and Mechanical Maintenance Engineer for Pacific Gas and Electric.

Education: Graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. More recently, studied Computer Engineering at West Valley Junior College.

Justin Fields - Database Administrator and System Programmer

Background: Justin's strengths include backend system programming and relational database design. His particular areas of expertise include: C++, PHP, Mysql, Oracle, Linux, and Apache.

Experience: Before joining our team, Justin was a programmer for Media Storm Design.

Education: Currently finishing a B. S. degree in Computer Engineering at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Clark Hatashit - System Programmer and Quality Assurance

Background: Clark enjoys server side web based scripting and programming. His particular areas of expertise include: corporate web-based GUI design, Java, PHP, Mysql, Oracle, and Linux.

Experience: Before joining our team, Clark was a programmer for the Calpine Corporation company.

Education: Clark will graduate with a B. S. degree in Computer Engineering at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Jayashree Gopalan - Web producer and Quality Assurance

Background: Jayashree is an experienced website producer and is especially talented at turning client requirements into easy to navigate and impressive corporate web sites. Jayashree specializes in optimizing graphics for the web, and can ensure that all business objectives are realized in the delivered web system

Experience: Before joining our team, Jayashree was a website producer for World Wide Web Associates.

Education: In addition to having earned a BS degree from Holy Cross College in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India, Jayashree has studied Web Development, Java and C programming at De Anza College, Cupertino, California.

Brian Herlihy - Marketing Analyst and Quality Assurance

Background: Brian is experienced performing market analysis and research for many of our clients who are launching new software and web-based businesses. Working closely with the client, Brian helps define the right target market and analyzes their demographic information. Brian is also a critical resource for both the product management and quality assurance phases, making sure that the right features and error free functionality make it to their final audience.

Education: Graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Business Administration.

Luke Patterson - Web Designer and System Programmer

Background: Luke is experienced with all phases of web site development from conception and design through final programming, testing and site launch. Luke's specialty includes combining Web scripting with Flash Actionscript programming and connecting Flash interactive sites with backend databases.

Experience: Prior to joining our team, Luke was a web site designer for Stateseven Design in San Luis Obispo, California

Billy Estrada - Production HTML Editor and Site Testing

Background: Billy is experienced working with HTML, ASP, PHP, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Microsoft Access, Fireworks, Dream Weaver and FrontPage for a variety of web-based applications. Working at the final hands on step, Billy has helped deploy a number of successful e-commerce and brochure based web sites.

Jeremy Bivins - Lead Flash Programmer

Jeremy is responsible for transforming storyboards supplied by Richard and Suzan into finished courses. He delegates and supervises the other programmers and graphic artists. Jeremy has years of experience in online courseware development. He is an experienced writer and audio/video editor.

Sales Team:

Catherine Caliouette-Director of Sales

Catherine Caliouette is a learning and development specialist. With expertise in improving worker efficiency, effectiveness and productivity through the development of process redesign and technology implementations, Catherine has created learning paths for retail organizations and franchises. Through establishing fluid learning technology in a retail environment, excellence in completed learning processes and programs have been effectively achieved and implemented by new franchisees and employees.

With her unique expertise in designing and implementing learning path programs and processes for retail organizations in customer service relations, employee efficiency and new franchise training,  Catherine has extensive knowledge in turn-key operations in a retail environment.

Currently in the study of Human Capital Management, Regulatory Compliance System and Strategies and Training Needs Assessments, Catherine is in the depth of the most up-to-date information regarding these subjects which are imperative to an organizations bottom line.

Josh Egelston - Director of Business Development
Western United States


Additional Team Members:

Guy Berghoff - VP of Network & Multimedia Systems

Donovan Kesling - Flash Designer and Graphic Artist

Todd Hibit -
Flash Programmer

Derek Kavanagh
- Project Manger - Canada

Mike McKahan
- Director of Sales - Lead Trainer

John T. Moss
- Director of Instructor-led training Mortgage and
Author of "The Millionaire loan Officer"

Alyce Hartman - Publicist

Legal Team:

Randy Collins - Legal
Jeff Salberg - Legal

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